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Sanctuary Dogs

Poor little Cody can not catch a break. Cody came into CMACC as a stray, was adopted out to a family, then returned and relinquished to Family Addition Dog Rescue. Cody is approx 10-

                                                                     12 yrs old. He likes to talk to you

                                                                     and snuggle in your lap. He loves

                                                                     blankets and will burrow in them

                                                                     to get comfortable and warm for

                                                                      his naps. Cody just received a grim

                                                                            prognosis. He is in congestive

                                                                     heart failure. We had hoped to find

                                                                     Cody a forever loving home but he

                                                                     will now need to be a sanctuary

                                                                     dog. We are not sure how long

                                                                    Cody has, however, we will make what life he has left the best quality life he can have. Please help us help Cody!!

RIP- Bahama Mama

Tess came out of the Rowan County Animal Shelter in April as a medical foster. She had a dental and other medical issues addressed to make her comfortable. She was up for adoption, however, we just received the unfortunate news that Tess is in Renal failure. Tess will live out her remaining life as a sanctuary dog with FADR.


Tobey is a spunky little guy with some character. Tobey was previously adopt, however, due to his feisty behavior of biting he is now a sanctuary dog.

Bahama Mama is in congestive heart failure. We are not sure how long she has but she currently takes meds every day and would love your help with her medicine costs. She is a happy girl and will be cherished until the end.

Update 9/3- We are sorry to announce that Mama passed away with her foster mommy by her side. RIP sweet baby.



Family Addition Dog Rescue is a 501C3 group so all donations are tax deductible.

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Tobey would love donations to be able to attend doggy daycare occasionally, food to keep his tummy full, and toys to help keep Tobey's mind, body, and spirit in Harmony. 

Maggie is a happy healthy girl but due to having to be an only dog and being unpredictable with people, Maggie is now a sanctuary dog. She thrives with her foster mommy and would love for you to help keep her belly full and her attention occupied with toys.